Custom Design your own Engagement Ring

Moissanite Engagement RingsDoes the idea of a custom designed engagement ring interest you but you think the cost would be too high? tYou might be surprised to find that a Laraci custom designed engagement ring built to your specifications is not that much more than our other rings. Laraci rings are already a great savings as they are all set with Moissanite and other lab created precious gems, so custom designing your own may still be in your budget. A Laraci custom engagement ring will still come in way below the average cost of a diamond engagement ring.

While we try to design and carry all of today’s top trends in engagement rings, we know a lot of you have your own ideas and we are delighted to work with you to create the perfect engagement ring of your dreams. Engagement rings that are as unique as the wearer.

If you are worried that your artistic skills are lacking or you won’t be able to draft up your ideas on paper, be assured, we have done this many times! We start with your drawings and/or amended pictures and work from there. You may want a slight change to an existing ring or something completely new and dreamt up. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Once the design has been created on our realistic CAD system and you are happy with and have approved your custom engagement ring design we forward it to our manufacturing department where the CAD file will be turned into your dream engagement ring! The turnaround time for a custom ring is approximately 15 days after final approval – 14 days for the manufacturing process and then overnight shipped directly to you.

We are certain that your one of a kind ring will be cherished and will have that extra little tug at the heartstrings knowing it was a custom engagement ring design made especially for the one you love.

If you have any questions or you are ready to get started on your custom design engagement ring give us a call at Laraci Ethical Fine Jewelers @ 1-844-452-7224